MaMa - Stylish USB Diaper Bag

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We have exclusively sourced the most innovative designer maternity bag on the current market for the best price. This is a must have for parents with newborns. After carefully examining and researching the range of maternity nappy bags on the current international market, and finding so many missing functionalities and inconveniences. Our MaMa - Stylish Maternity Bag is the proud result of numerous revisions to perfect the most compact, functional and convenient bag for an affordable price. With a wide range of functionalities and ease of use, travelling with your newborn has never been easier. Every parent will be efficiently equipped to handle their newborn no matter where they are.


  • Comes in a variety of attractive colors
  • Multi-functional design. Use this as a handbag, shoulder bag or a backpack. This is a must have travel accessory for all parents and their newborns. It has rivet reinforced hand straps so you don’t need to worry about the bag falling apart.
  • This has a large fish mouth opening so you can see all everything nearly organised from a top view making it extra convenient for taking things in and out. No more digging everything out to get to one thing. There is also an opening in the back of the bag with a water proof pocket
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • Top zipper closure.
  • Snap closure on handles
  • Rear zipper entry to main compartment.
  • Extra room to fit your personal belongings inside, perfect for parents on the go!
  • Wet cloths or diapers can be put in the waterproof pocket separated from dry cloths and diapers.
  • Side tissue pocket for easy access.
  • Suitable for 1 child.
  • Made from high quality nylon and durable polyester lining. This is a lightweight material with thick and waterproof fabric so you can take it anywhere and used in any season. 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Material: Polyester
Mummy Bag: Backpack
Size: medium
Mummy Bag classification: single package
Specification: 28 x 15.5 x 41 cm (L * w * h)/11" 6.1"16.1"
Suitable for age: Unlimited
Maximum load: 20kg/44 lb
Harness function: multifunctional
Shoulder strap: shoulders

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