Self Heating Lunch Box

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Are you tired of packing your meals at work or on a trip, and find your once promisingly tasty food turn into a cold and soggy mush?
Now you can stop worrying about your food turning cold with the Self Heating Lunch Box, which keeps your food nice, warm and delicious as when you first made it!This makes the perfect gadget for storing your meals at the office, in your car, or anywhere!

Self Heating Lunch Box is a stylish, convenient and healthy way to enjoy your meals on the go. No more fast food lunches and microwaving your meals. Plug in an outlet and warm up your food right at your desk and enjoy.

  • This Lunch Boxes was made of food grade qualified material, no toxic chemicals, lead free, PVC free, BPA free. 100% safe for your health !
  • Heat-preservation, Heating insulation, Unbreakable
  • Removable container and individual food/soup box
  • Portable for bringing food, soup & Great for home, office, campsite, car !
  • Energy efficient and environmentally-friendly
  • Heating time : 15-20Min

How To Clean:

It's really simple! Firstly, make sure the power adapter port is closed with the included attachable seal to prevent liquids from entering. Then just rinse the inside compartments and wipe excess foods off with a cleaning sponge.


  • It can not be placed in microwave and oven for heating.
  • Please open the exhaust cover before heating.
  • Do not place the lunch box in water.