Fire Extinguisher Ball

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Just throw this "Fire Extinguisher Ball" and and instantly stop fires with a crystal white blast. And yes, we said "Fire Extinguisher Ball". The safe, snow-like materials you find in extinguishers is what this ball only uses.

The blast however is absolutely epic. Besides being safer to use than fire extinguishers, this thing is SO much fun. You will literally feel like you are some wizard casting enormous ice bomb spells!

And yes, its 100% SAFE. So long as you aren't made of fire. Literally you can see a video of people holding "Fire Extinguisher Ball" with their hands!

Lastly, if you are into fire safety this is perhaps the best protection you can give yourself, your friends, and family. Whereas fire extinguishers are complicated to use in times of panic, this instantly puts our fires with no difficulty. 

Weight of extinguishing powder mixture: 1.3+/-0.2Kg
Total weight of the agent: 1.5+/-0.2Kg
NEC: 4.0g
Diameter: 147mm
Warning audio signal: 120dB(Impulse Noise)
Activation time: 3-10 sec with flame
Effective extinguish area: 1.3Kg-3 cubic meter
Life Span: 5 years
Certificates: CE, Rohs(SGS)