SmartMount - Mount Your SmartPhone On Handle Bars


Now you can instantly and securely attach and detach your smartphone onto any bike. Got 2 seconds? Then its super easy. Forget the special tool hardware and bulk. Just Wrap. Loop. And Ride. 

The SmartMount fits any handle bar and is made for all phones. It fits right in your pocket and is virtually invisible.

The secret lies in our new Knot System. We strategically placed slits that maximize both leverage and tension. This makes wobble almost non-existent. Then we use 100% isotope silicon, not regular silicon. This cutting edge material gives bike riders superior durability. 

So now all you have to do is Wrap, Loop, And Ride. No more dangerously navigating with one hand. RapidMount gives you easy access to your phone and doesn’t even block the screen. 

Shipping: Please Allow 10-25 business Days for the product to arrive.