Vinyl Record Stabilizer

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As any audiophile will tell you, several factors affect our perception of sound quality during record playback. One of these is the stability of the record.

This high quality record Vinyl Record Stabilizer ideal for maintaining stability and improving acoustic quality. Piano notes become crystal-clear, mid-range is vibrant and alive, while vocals soar realistically. 

It also has a nifty, 360-degree, dual axis spirit level on top, designed to help you recognise when your turntable is completely level.

  • High quality non-magnetic alloy weight
  • Accommodate spindle diameter up to 7mm, heights up to 23mm
  • Soft base pad assure protection of the record label
  • Strobe scale support: 33rpm and 45rpm 
  • Product height: 33mm (1 5/16") 
  • Product diameter: 77mm (3")
  • Product weight: 280g/0.62lb